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For a brief overview on the history of climate change by the Royal Society, click here!
To learn more about Climate change negotiations, click here.
To learn more about the history of the Kyoto Protocol, click here.
Want to learn even more about what the Kyoto Protocol? Click here!
To learn more about the 2012 Doha Climate conference and the disucssion to the extend the Kyoto Protocol, click here.
Want to learn more about what you can do about climate change? Click here!
To learn more about emissions trading and carbon units, click here.


Pew Center on Global Climate Change
World Wildlife Fund
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United Nations Environmental Programme


Kyoto Protocol
Doha Climate Conference



To learn more about Australia's position on climate change:
Global Warming is Here and Australia is Feeling the Impact
Kyoto Protocol: Australia Signs Up to Second Phase


To learn more about Canada's position on climate change:
Environment Canada
Canada to Withdraw from Kyoto Protocol


To learn more about Chile's position on climate change:
PH, Chile Sign Trade and Disaster Preparedness Deals
Concern about Climate Change and Its Consequences


To learn more about China's position on climate change:
China and US Hold the Key to a New Global Climate Deal
China Calls on the U.S. to Join Kyoto Protocol


To learn more about Denmark's position on climate change:
Denmark’s Future Climate
How These 2 Nations Tackle Climate Could Help Change the World


To learn more about Germany's position on climate change:
Germany Takes First Steps to Ratify Kyoto Extension
Climate Control: Germany Reaches Kyoto Emissions Commitments


To learn more about Guinea's position on climate change:
Minigrids Seen as Fix for 620 Million Africans Without Power
African Women in Agribusiness Resolve to Take Action


Support for Climate Change Integration in Haiti’s National Development
UN Proposal of Debt Relief for Climate Adaptation Divides Aid Experts


To learn more about India's position on climate change:
India Unveils Climate Change Plan
PM Modi at G20 Summit


To learn more about Italy's position on climate change:
Sabin Center for Climate Change Law


To learn more about Japan's position on climate change:
Japan Bucks Trend as G7 Quits Coal
Japan’s Action Plan to Fight Climate Change


To learn more about Jordan's position on climate change:
Jordan Readies its First Policy on Climate Change
Adaptation to Climate Change to Sustain Jordan’s MDG Achievements


To learn more about Kazakhstan's position on climate change:
Climate Change and its Impact on Kazakhstan’s Human Development
Kazakhstan Partnership To Strengthen Pacific Voice On Climate Change


To learn more about Malaysia's position on climate change:
7 Signs that Climate Change is Looming over Malaysia
US-ASEAN Summit 2015: Will Obama call Malaysia to Task on Environment?


To learn more about the Netherland's position on climate change:
The Dutch Ruling On Climate Change That Could Have A Global Impact
Dutch National Measures on Climate Change

New Zealand

To learn more about New Zealand's position on climate change:
Is a Global Deal on Climate Change Finally within Reach?
New Zealand Feels the Heat as Paris Climate Change Talks Approach

To learn more about Norway's position on climate change:
Arctic Norway: Climate Change at Ground Zero
Norway’s Oil-rich Capital First to Divest from Fossil Fuels

To learn more about Russia's position on climate change:
Russia Stands for Adopting Legally Binding Agreement at Climate Change Conference
Kyoto Protocol's Carbon Credit Scheme ‘Increased Emissions by 600m Tonnes’

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone News: Smart Development Can Keep People Out of Poverty
African MPs to Craft Common Stand on Climate Change

South Africa
South Africa's Position On Climate Change Ahead of UNFCCC Cop 21 Summit
South Africa: Climate Change - SA Is Working Hard Behind the Scenes


To learn more about Spain's position on climate change:
Spanish Growers Threatened by Climate Change
Rajoy: G20 Leaders Acknowledge Success of Spain's Economic Reforms

United States

To learn more about the United States' position on climate change:
What Will the U.S. Energy Industry Look Like Over the Next Five Years?
Citing Climate Change, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

UruguayTo learn more about Uruguay's position on climate change:Uruguay must adapt to changing climate and rising sea levels
Uruguay's vulnerability to climate change


To learn more about Venezuela's position on climate change:
Death of Hugo Chávez gives Venezuela a Choice on Climate Change
Venezuela: The Climate Paradox of the Petro-State