There are five types of curriculum resources that can be found on this website:

  • INTRO UNITS: provide students with an excellent foundation to the internationals relations and the work of the UN. If you are planning to teach a semester or year-long course, plan to use these units to start your course.
  • SIMULATION UNITS: each work as stand alone units, complete with lesson plans and materials for each unit
  • SIMULATION RESOURCES: student resources from former UNAGB Conferences. Use these resource and the ones that can be found on the Common Lesson Actives page to design your own units!
  • MINI-SIMS.: include a topic guide and a bank of country profiles so that students can jump right into a practice Conference
  • MINI NO-PREP SIMS: are a great tool to practice MUN skills without the research step. The simplified country profiles make it easy for all students to go from learning about a topic to writing opening speeches and negotiations.

There are two types of curriculum development resources that can be found on this website:

  • Planning Resources: useful templates for teachers and the UNAGB education team member to talk through during an initial planning meeting.
  • Common Lesson Activities: provide instructions for the learning actives most frequently used the units featured on this webpage as well as handouts that can help students prepare for any a simulation on any topic

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