Below you will find links to the topics that will be discussed in the Security Council


To watch the Frontline video "Secret State of North Korea" click here
To watch the full length documentary "North Korea- A Day in the Life" click here
To hear about the escape of Hyeonseo Lee from North Korea click here
To see a rare glimpse of North Korean life through the eyes of journalist Staffan Thorsell click here
To hear a young college student's perspective on life and people in North Korea click here
To listen to a recent news piece on the rising missile threat in North Korea click here


Amnesty International
Choson Exchange
Christian Friends of Korea
Korea Education Fund
Non-Governmental Organizations' Activities in North Korea


CIA World Factbook
Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK
UN Security Council Resolution 1874, North Korea
The Six Party Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Program
North Korea's Nuclear Test: Fallout



Argentina Condemns North Korea's Nuclear Test
Distance from North Korea to Argentina


The Australian who shot a North Korean propaganda film
Australian scheme for North Korean students launched
Japan, Australia agree on strong action against North Korea


Compare Chad to North Korea
Distance from North Korea to Chad


Chilean Government condemns rocket launched by North Korea
Chile vs. North Korea


The China-North Korea Relationship
Why China still supports North Korea?
North Korea Isn’t Going to Stop Provoking Its Ally China Anytime Soon
China's Xi to discuss N. Korea with Obama during nuclear summit


France’s long and complicated relationship with North Korea
France Diplomatie
North Korean student on the run in France after escaping from Pyongyang's agents


Japan to slap new sanctions on North Korea over rocket
North Korea’s Abduction Project
North Korea Cancels Investigation Into Abductions of Japanese Citizens


Compare Jordan to North Korea
Distance from Jordan to North Korea


Lithuania condemns North Korea's ballistic missile launches
Lithuania's statement at the UN Security Council meeting on human rights situation in DPR Korea


Luxembourg Foreign Ministry condemns North Korea nuclear test
Kim Jong-il keeps $4bn 'emergency fund' in European banks


North Korea Signs Economic Cooperation Agreement With Nigeria
Nigeria issues stern warning to North Korea over Missile test
North Korea cautions Nigeria over “provocative film”

North Korea

North Korea displays detainee identified as American accused of spying
North Korea tests solid-fuel rocket engine, says state media
U.S. Imposes Fresh Sanctions on North Korea


Moscow is a no-go for Kim Jong-un as he cancels planned visit to Russia
Russia warns North Korea over threats of nuclear strike


Compare Rwanda to North Korea
North Korea–Rwanda relations

South Korea

N Korea simulates attack on S Korean president's residence
Costly and complicated – why many Koreans can't face reunification
South Korea vs. North Korea

United Kingdom

Britain summons North Korean ambassador to condemn nuclear test
British Council forges new UK/North Korea cultural ties
Are North Korean Missiles a Threat to Britain?
North Korea–United Kingdom relations

United States

China urges United States, North Korea to hold direct talks
US-North Korea Diplomacy: Where We Stand After 20 Years Of Failed Talks, Nuclear Threats
U.S. Relations With North Korea