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Click here to access Goals for Development
- how sport is used in Latin America to promote stability and development in youth.
Click here to access UNICEF: Beyond Sport Summit held in Chicago, IL
- excellent video about the myriad of benefits sport has nationally and internationally.
Click hereto access Right to Play - how NGO uses sport for development.
Click hereto access UN Special Advisor 2009 Speech on Sport for Peace
Click here to access Peace and Sports
Click here to access Judo for Peace


Below you will find some great links to nongovernmental organizations working on behalf of sport for peace. Spend some time researching the organizations to get an idea of how you can propose solutions to the issue while in committee. Have fun!


To view the UN Sport for Development and Peace homepage, click here.
To read the Sport and Development International Platform click here.
To view Right to Play International, click here.
To read UNESCO documents and publications, click here.


Learn more about opportunities to get involved with Northeastern University's Sport in Society-learn about violence prevention, diversity awareness, and become part of a Human Rights Squad today! Click here for more info!


Bosnia and Herzegovina

To see how Bosnia and Herzegovina soccer legends Sergej Barbarez and Ivica Osim have created an NGO promoting sport for peace, click here .


To see how the Brazilian government has assured FIFA officials that the 2014 World Cup will use football to promote “peace and tranquillity”, click here.
To view a Brazilian soccer foundation promoting peace, click here.


To see how sport for peace is used in Bulgaria, click here.


To see how the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing provided a platform to tackle a myriad of human rights abuses in China, click here.
To see how China is improving the situation of women and girls via sport, click here.


To see Cuba's impressive work tacking Millennium Development Goals through sport, click here.


To see the "Global Sport for Youth" camp held in Cairo, click here .


See how 'Sport for Peace' is exemplified at the Tour de France, click here.


To see how Germany will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 and their great initiative 'Goals for Girls', click here.


To read about how the notion of Sport for Peace originated in ancient Greece with the establishment of the Olympic Truce, click here.


To see how Indian and Pakistani tennis partners use sport for the development of peace, click here.


To see a new Sport for Peace project underway in Israel, click here.


To see how the Japanese Government has provided a generous grant for sporting facilities to promote development, click here .


To see how an NGO 'Peace Players' is making an impact in war torn Lebenon, click here.


To read about how the UN Refugee agency and foundation Occident Orient organized a football match in Rabat, Morocco to promote peace, click here.


See how sports in Nigeria have been used to help rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, click here.

Republic of Korea

To see how Korean football is promoting peace in North and South Korean, click here.

Russian Federation

To see how sport is not always capable of bringing peace, learn about the blood shed during the 1956 Olympic Soviet vs Hungarian Waterpolo game - click here.

Saudi Arabia

To see how sports is used for peace in Saudi Arabia, click here.

South Africa

To see how the 2010 World Cup in South Africa worked toward peace and development, click here.
To see how public health issues are being tackled via sports in South Africa, click here.
To read about Camps promoting sports for peace and reconciliation in the slums of Kenya, click here.


To see how Football Club Barcelona uses soccer as a tool to bring hope to millions of vulnerable children in need around the world, click here .


To check out the new "Score the Goals" comic book launched by the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, click here.


To see how Turkey uses a program called FACT to promote development in youth, click here.


To see how Uganda uses the program 'Right to Play' to promote health education, click here.


To see how Ukraine was a finalist for the 2010 Sport for Peace Award, click here.

United States of America

To view an official letter to President Obama from US Senior Advisor Carol Fulp regarding Sport for Peace in the U.S. and beyond. click here .